September 1, 2014


I was first introduced to trello the summer of 2012. It was a suggestion that came from the brother of a close friend. We were kicking off our first startup and needed a collab tool.  As a newbie who loved excel and had little idea of what the scrum methodology was i did not seem to find it too usefull. It also had quite a special layout and a peculiar design. Lets just say it wasnt the picasso i was looking for. I ripped it apart and decided to move onto getPocket and excel.

In the winter of 2013 we were back to kicking up a new startup, here money was of the essence so we were after the best tools that did the job for free. I came across trello this time and out of all the tools out there Trello offered me the most flexability. I soon dragged collegues, friends and later other employees onto it. Trello has now earned itself a major role in the way projectm management works.