August 29, 2014


I have been living with a misconception that Magento was the leading platform for eCommerce websites. Then i stumbled upon a site called Built With which aggregated as many commerce platforms as they could to get a more realistic image of the technologies used. Built With lets a use punch in a website and the tell them exactly what technologies have been used on that site. You can see information about plugins, platforms, code even adwords and analytics.

What was even more amazing was when i stumbled upon the commerce trends. Above you see that Magento has just a 10.26% while Woo Commerce has an insane 18.75% But that can mostly be explained by the fact that WordPress is proven the most used CMS platform out there. It almost single handedly beats down the rest combined.

These are amazing metrics and built with has managed to do an amazing job here. You dont need to read long blog posts about which technology is better then the other, you just need to run a filtered search to what successful people in your industry are doing and then make your choice.