April 14, 2015


As the name suggests im trying to swing at skype. Not really but for some reason i feel like skype is that big antique table that sits in the corner for years and the only reason why its not in the junk is because of the wierd feeling that someday you might need it.

There are an array of new services out there that have potential. So why is skype still in the market? To be honest when microsoft bought skype they were in a bit of a slump and i though the service would drop from what it was but to my suprised it survived. Other than  pulling this new product into their profileand adding a few features to i have not seen any big improvements to tackle todays challenges.

Then we have slack. Slack does not have audion and video but its a pc version of whats app. The sync between devices is seamless and the channel system increases productivity  specially when working with a medium large team.

The bottom line is that im moving all team collab and management from skype to slack.