24, August , 2014


I started this blog with the idea of posting regularly about stuff i worked with. This however did not quite work out. Tried downloading various apps that would make the process easier but that did not seem to work, so now Im left with a blog to maintain. To top this all my career has taken so many swings that Ive pivoted in almost every direction that i could. I got into the field working with eCommerce worked my way through search optimisation onto social media and then to project management. Ive now had the opportunity to co-start my own company.

Ive been introduces to the startup world and got to meet many interesting new people. Ive also learnt that LinkedIn does not increase the 500? on your profile even though youve crossed 1000+. Got my dribble account, thanks to the friend of a friend who noticed my work somewhere i guess. Started a new Behance profile to publish some of my work. Have started designing a lot of iOS and Android apps and interfaces. Working on a website to showcase the stuff we were working on.

Since i have such a varied background and moving onto so much interesting i have decided to (cross my finger) start blogging about everything i am working with when Im working with it.

24, August , 2014


I have recently been working a app for a customer and needed to create a calendar for the same. Had always wanted to design a calendar but never got the time or had a project i could test this onto. So this was the perfect time. I designed the calendar however due to some of the customers preferences the calendar did not come out quite the way i wanted it but the customer was happy with the outcome. I spent a bit of time redesigning it and this is what i came up with.

Giving out the .sketch file if anyone wants to renounce or remix that, or use it in a project of your own. Here is the link to download it for free.

Use as you will but if commercial do drop me a line :)

3, July , 2014


With the onset of Html5 and the rest imagemapping seems to be taking a backseat. Recently got a customer who insisted on having an image as a map! The job is still a WIP but this is how far ive reached.

17, November , 2013


Today, while doing my usual facebook check i found a Facebook Advt nicely nested in the top of my newsfeed. On further examining it i found out that it was a facebook ads and they were using the top of my news feed stream to advertise. The Ad basically said Donate now to emergency relief in the Philippines. Send NOK50.00 to support the Red Cross Red Crescent global network help those affected by the typhoon. The full amount of this donation will go to the Red Cross Red Crescent global network response. There couldnt be a better way to crowd fund for charity!

I do understand the need for than and i totally support the cause but this lead me to dig a little deeper. The advertisement was set up quite easily and the call to action followed through the process. Since i have used the facebook buy button often i know that the next set lead to the credit card and other payment options which in turn pulled the money from your card or paypal account.

The checkout process is really very simple if you have your card connected to facebook. Since the process was so simple a few questions that popped into my head. How many people actually click ads like this and how many people actually donate. Lets start with the total amount of active users on facebook. This post by Josh Ong indicates that facebook, as of July 2013 has 1.15 billion active monthly users.

Now the since we know that facebook has 1.5 billion active users I am intrigued to know how many of them click on the facebook ads. Most of facebook ads are usually targeted to user profiles so the CTR (Click Through Rate) should be a bit higher than the rest of the ad services out there. Google Adwords is an entirely new chapter!

In a blog post by Andrew McDermott he added a few benchmarks to the facebook ads CTR based on his experience. Although i am not so sure if this is a 100% accurate but i personally do this the stats are quite good.

  • Optimal CTR: 0.11%-0.16%
  • Above Avg CTR: 0.07%-0.09%
  • Average CTR: 0.04%-0.05%
  • Below Avg CTR: 0.02%-0.03%
  • Poor CTR: 0.01%

    Our analysis is based on a facebook advertisement that has charity as its goal and an ignition of global emotion added to it. This would definitely have to spark up the CTR but for analytical purposes lets just keep to the 0.16%. So 0.16% of 1.5 billion is 2.4 million. This means that approximately 2.4 million are active monthly and click on advertisements. The next question here is how many would actually contribute to charity. I found a report that was done by the BBC in 2012. They did a survey with over 3000 people and got the following results.

    Number of people, in millions, donating to causes on a monthly basis:


    • Medical 11.1 (38%)
    • Hospitals 7.7 (26%)
    • Children 7.2 (24%)
    • Overseas 5.0 (17%)
    • Other causes 4.4 (15%)
    • Disabled 3.3 (11%)
    • Homeless 2.6 (9%)
    • Health 2.2 (7%)
    • Environment 1.6 (6%)

    Although a few of these would not really match our target scenario i have still taken them in into a the rough approximate i have created as when there is a natural disaster i assume people come together from all walks of life to help. We could make a rough estimate here that around half of the survey group donated to some kind of charity but this is really hard to estimate so we will make 3 groups, 10%, 25% and 50%.

    If 0.5% of 2.4million (12000) donated,

    they would have raised approximately: 600000 NOK or 98270 USD

    If 5% of 2.4million (120000) donated,

    they would have raised approximately: 6000000 NOK or 982704 USD

    If 10% of 2.4million (240000) donated,

    they would have raised approximately: 12000000 NOK or 1.9 million USD

    Whichever way this goes it looks like they are generating a huge sum for the relief campaign. I think this is an amazing way to have to get the job done and by far the fastest. Imagine the time social networks get together for charity causes and end up crowd funding charity events, those will be the days!

21, September , 2013


One of the most important part of user interface design is the goal of making sure that the user rarely has to look at documentation to provide support or help for their tasks. If a user is able to complete their task without the need to get external help then the user interface design has been effective and achieved its purpose.

 Its believed that you have no more than 5 seconds to capture the attention of your audience or viewer when they first experience your website otherwise theyll bounce back and visit a competing website. An example of good user interface design is a lack of clutter on the screen, which involves a neat and functional design of buttons, colours, images and text across the website as opposed to everything being clumped together.

As the internet and its technology has advanced, so has the  way in which we interact with websites. When we began to move forward to Web 2.0 designs and websites, the 90s style ads and colour schemes quickly became a distraction to us and proved to be an example of bad user interface design. This includes multicoloured gifs across the screen, on-load sound that plays once youve loaded the website, scrolling text and a whole host of other features.

User experience is the process in which your visitor uses your website and how the interact with it. Essentially user experience is the response of emotions to your content, what they see on your website and what they hear, if anything at all. This all comes together to form a collective experience for the user which can either be negative or positive, both of which have their own ramifications depending on which website theyre on.

For years larger websites such as Google, eBay, Twitter, Facebook and the rest of the #m have made a special effort to ensure that their user experience responses were as good as possible to ensure that their business image remains intact. This aspect of the business is vital to their success due to the fact that theyre competing in an extremely clustered environment and retaining customers in the long term is a strategy that they cannot afford to ignore.

User interface design and user experience are both vital parts of a websites workings as they allow the website to build a valuable reputation with its users and develop long term relationships, ensuring future traffic and potential success of the business.

19, September , 2013


I started working with eCommerce in Norway around 5 years ago. At that time the big brands had their webshops up and the smaller shops were just creeping in. Some of the people i worked for did not believe much in online sales and put much more effort into the retail outlets. But deep down i always knew this day would come when sales in outlets drop and online sale start to soar.

I was happy to see the new figures out for the beginning of 2013 that came out a few days ago from Bring and eHandel Norway. The lighter pink shows the advance of the eCommerce age and the darker pink shows the decline of retail. Although i doubt that retail will ever totally disappear but its fun to imagine a world with just online shopping, although it does have a downside!

The next graph is quite obvious. When eCommerce is on the rise it usually electronics and apparel thats dragging it up. Whats interesting to see is that books are in #4 on the list. Something that looks like a very profitable niche for the future with very little competition at the moment.

So the results of the survey look amazing, eCommerce is on the rise and the market is buzzing for online products. Here is where people like me come in and have a party!


18, September , 2013


A few months ago i was faced with a challenge to take a webshop that was had been running for a while and fix it up. It has roughly 20 visitors a day and 12 sales a year. They had around a 100 products and had tried link building with a freelancer from Egypt. Being over 3 years old the site still had a Page Rank of Zero which sounded weird at first and led me to dig deep into the site. But basically this was the way i had the site handed to me and i promised them that i would increase the sales and redesign the interface for the site.

In my search for the truth i started digging into the site. Like the rest of the people who have done this before i realized that it would take me much more time to fix what was wrong with their original site than to export reinstall and import. So that what I did! Since i was working with a time frame of only a month i had no choice but to throw them a few templates and ask them the one they like the best. Themeforest never lets me down here! While the theme was being reconfigured and connected to a an updated version of magento i started working on increasing the product assortment from their dropshipper and extent their payment options.

After a month of work we through the site doing QA and filling in the missing pieces, running translations on things that were still in English we decided to start with a proper search engine optimisation startegy. A few weeks after we kicked this into place we had our first sales, followed by 3 the next week.

I am quite pleased with the results and so it the client. Four sales in a month, a revenue of 32,000+  and re-gaining a steady traffic is something we did not expect in the second month of launch. Below is a screenshot of a comparison between the last years sales and this years sales of the same dates.

15, August , 2013


Here is something that i have been recently working on. Was inspired by an old version of this on a windows based software system that was designed to show total sales of a shop or chain of shops right from one desktop platform. We are now taking a similar platform mobile! This design is in its early stages, so not sure if the final product will have it integrated!

The one star would give you a sad face, two would give you a semi smile and three stars would give you a really good smile. Its a stand alone widget that i can use in a lot of my projects if its not put into this one!