September 19, 2013


I started working with eCommerce in Norway around 5 years ago. At that time the big brands had their webshops up and the smaller shops were just creeping in. Some of the people i worked for did not believe much in online sales and put much more effort into the retail outlets. But deep down i always knew this day would come when sales in outlets drop and online sale start to soar.

I was happy to see the new figures out for the beginning of 2013 that came out a few days ago from Bring and eHandel Norway. The lighter pink shows the advance of the eCommerce age and the darker pink shows the decline of retail. Although i doubt that retail will ever totally disappear but its fun to imagine a world with just online shopping, although it does have a downside!

The next graph is quite obvious. When eCommerce is on the rise it usually electronics and apparel thats dragging it up. Whats interesting to see is that books are in #4 on the list. Something that looks like a very profitable niche for the future with very little competition at the moment.

So the results of the survey look amazing, eCommerce is on the rise and the market is buzzing for online products. Here is where people like me come in and have a party!