August 24, 2014


I started this blog with the idea of posting regularly about stuff i worked with. This however did not quite work out. Tried downloading various apps that would make the process easier but that did not seem to work, so now Im left with a blog to maintain. To top this all my career has taken so many swings that Ive pivoted in almost every direction that i could. I got into the field working with eCommerce worked my way through search optimisation onto social media and then to project management. Ive now had the opportunity to co-start my own company.

Ive been introduces to the startup world and got to meet many interesting new people. Ive also learnt that LinkedIn does not increase the 500? on your profile even though youve crossed 1000+. Got my dribble account, thanks to the friend of a friend who noticed my work somewhere i guess. Started a new Behance profile to publish some of my work. Have started designing a lot of iOS and Android apps and interfaces. Working on a website to showcase the stuff we were working on.

Since i have such a varied background and moving onto so much interesting i have decided to (cross my finger) start blogging about everything i am working with when Im working with it.