September 18, 2013


A few months ago i was faced with a challenge to take a webshop that was had been running for a while and fix it up. It has roughly 20 visitors a day and 12 sales a year. They had around a 100 products and had tried link building with a freelancer from Egypt. Being over 3 years old the site still had a Page Rank of Zero which sounded weird at first and led me to dig deep into the site. But basically this was the way i had the site handed to me and i promised them that i would increase the sales and redesign the interface for the site.

In my search for the truth i started digging into the site. Like the rest of the people who have done this before i realized that it would take me much more time to fix what was wrong with their original site than to export reinstall and import. So that what I did! Since i was working with a time frame of only a month i had no choice but to throw them a few templates and ask them the one they like the best. Themeforest never lets me down here! While the theme was being reconfigured and connected to a an updated version of magento i started working on increasing the product assortment from their dropshipper and extent their payment options.

After a month of work we through the site doing QA and filling in the missing pieces, running translations on things that were still in English we decided to start with a proper search engine optimisation startegy. A few weeks after we kicked this into place we had our first sales, followed by 3 the next week.

I am quite pleased with the results and so it the client. Four sales in a month, a revenue of 32,000+  and re-gaining a steady traffic is something we did not expect in the second month of launch. Below is a screenshot of a comparison between the last years sales and this years sales of the same dates.